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Projected map in-game

Islands of Nyne will feature three large arenas for you to hunt other players down. As the number of players decreases, the arena will slowly shrink, forcing confrontations and combat for the pleasure of alien overlords. Every player will have a map, allowing them to see where they are located and plan their movements accordingly.

Currently, in the Closed Alpha, there is only one arena in Islands of Nyne, Terra Fictus.

Terra Fictus is best described as a melting pot of several biomes, all melded together into a bizarre arena, with each biome being just as distinguishable as the next. Terra Fictus contains grasslands, beaches, tropical subclimates. farmland, gorgeous redwood forests and dense marshlands.The stark contrast is punctuated by the fact they all harshly cut into each other to create a bizarre arena that leaves contestants awe-shock as well as immersed.

"The Nyne's longest standing arena, Terra Fictus is an amalgamation of stolen monuments and souvenirs hauled back from Earth by recruiters. Although it offer brief moments of nostalgia to it's Human guests, the façade is quickly washed away by the looming support beams and modified terraformers holding it together"

[1]- Description of Terra Fictus, as displayed on the loading screen prior to joining a match.