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Islands of Nyne will feature several game modes, including:

  • Free for all: Classic solo battle royale against up to 99 other players. Last contestant standing wins.
  • Doubles: Up to 50 Pairs of 2 fight until the last team is standing.
  • Squads: Up to 4* player teams fight one another until the last team is standing.
  • Gun Game: The gun game is played during the pre-game lobby. Players start with the M9A1 pistol. Every 2 kills (Can use current gun or your knife) upgrades/changes the player's current gun. There is currently no punishment to de-grade your weapon (Commonly knife kills in other games).
  • Training Room: This virtual shooting range will allow you to touch up on your handling with all weapons currently available in the game. Includes target dummies ranging from 25m-500m, a challenge mode, toggle-able light switches and a recoil pattern wall to learn and adjust to the unique spray-patterns of any weapon in the game.

* - subject to change

Training Room in Islands of Nyne