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This guide will cover surviving the first hour of Islands of Nyne - and preferably many more.

Basics[edit | edit source]

Movement[edit | edit source]

Movement in Islands of Nyne Is your standard affair for anyone who is used to any kind of First Person Shooter. Upon landing in the Dome, players will instinctively pick up the basics of movement, but we will highlight the core mechanic here.

Movement can be best described as "arcade". It's fast, responsive and isn't as heavily tied to realism as other Unreal 4 titles. Upon moving around, players will quickly grasp the fluidity of the movement and aiming system in the game. There is no kind of acceleration or smoothing, all input is raw. This creates a smooth and responsive aiming axis and a lightning-fast movement platform.

Jumping is another prominent feature, which unlike a lot of games does include the ability to bunny-hop. This allows for quick rapid movements up in to the air while moving forward, making you a harder target to hit. It's worth nothing in Islands of Nyne your movement speed is not restricted or slowed down by jumping. You will always move at the base speed of the item you're carrying.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Combat, just like movement can be described as very "arcade". Combat is fast, fluid and relies very heavily on player skill, accuracy and cunning.

Players will find a myriad of weapons, modifiers and armor around the Dome to assist you in combat. From providing health boosts, to damage reduction, as well as attachments to improve your aim and provide a clearer sight picture down your weapon of choice.

Ballistics[edit | edit source]

Ballistics in Islands of Nyne are semi-realism focused. Every weapon has it's own projectile speed, travel time, bullet drop, and spread.

Players should take into account the range to a target, and the elevation to and from their target to provide as accurate a shot as possible to increase your chance of hitting a target and dealing damage.

Every weapon in Islands of Nyne has it's own unique spray-pattern that is fully learnable. Use the Training Room(accessible from the main menu) to improve on your grip of the spray-patterns for each weapon.

Loadouts[edit | edit source]

Weapon selection[edit | edit source]

Weapon Selection is a matter of personal Preference, and Islands of Nyne has weapons in spades.


-Assault Rifles



-Sniper Rifles

We recommend you try each one out in the Training Room and in the Dome. This is entirely personal preference and no weapons within each category are objectively superior, with the exception of the Elite variants of the M9A1 and Sako-85, which both see significant handling and reload/capacity bonuses on the Elite Variants.

Armor and gear[edit | edit source]

Armor and modifiers are two core categories within Islands of Nyne which can assist you in obtaining victory within the Dome.

Armor will provide you with damage reduction bonuses and help delay your inevitable lead-induced demise during a game.

Certain Modifiers, like the Extra-Capacity Unit will allow you carry an extra weapon, Nano-Med and Fusion Grenade. Almost essential for retaining a solid balance in your loadouts and increasing versatility and the capability to adapt to any situation.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

As a new player, you could at first start by dropping into a less populated area of the map once in freefall. Don't worry about landing outside the zone, as you can always make your way back into the safe-zone unhindered if you pay attention to your map (Default "Q")

Only Engage a contestant if you are certain you are capable of taking them out, or if you need to out of necessity. Taking a player unawares will grant you a marginally higher kill rate than going face-on with others. Eliminating a player while they are disoriented will reduce the chance of retaliation, and you'll have free access to their gear as well. Look out for those Nano-Meds!

Plan your moves accordingly! The Zone will adapt and shrink corresponding to the amount of contestants alive. If you are on the edge of the playable zone, it might be wise in move more centrally to avoid being blindsided by the Zone.

Raised ground can be both an ally and an enemy. Playing off high-ground gives you a lot of advantages for defence and offence. Use defilades to retreat and attack from another angle, concealing your direction of travel. Likewise, you are a very visible target on a hilltop or a cliff. Keep moving to avoid lead-induced headaches from Sako-85 Sniper Rifles.

Nano-Meds will heal you for exactly 50% of your total health. Use them accordingly, and always heal up after a battle if the other contestant had spare Nano-Meds.

Burst firing an Assault Rifle can be marginally more effective than going Full-Auto, particularly with a high-magnification optic. Pace your shots and only use full auto if necessary.

The Desert-Eagle might not look like much, but unlike any of the other pistols on offer, it's the only selection capable of killing another contestant in one shot to the head. Accuracy is rewarded with this sidearm.

There is no better building clearer than the M1014 Shotgun It's a near essential addition to any loadout. Did someone say BUCKSHOT?